Oraqix: The needle-free pain relief system for scaling and root planing

Oraqix is the only FDA-approved, needle free-anesthetic for scaling and root planing.

Since it’s introduction in 2004, Oraqix has changed the way pain relief is administered and has opened the door for full-mouth scaling and root planing (SRP) procedures. Regardless of whether you do consecutive quadrant scaling or full-mouth periodontal procedures, Oraqix is a great option for delivering profound, needle-free anesthesia for SRP when anesthesia is required.

Noteworthy Benefits
  • Needle-free, increases patient comfort during anesthesia administration.
  • Safe*, low risk of allergic reaction and not contraindicated for use on inflamed tissue
  • Easy to use, applied as a liquid, but sets to a gel, so it stays in place for effective absorption on desired treatment area
  • Fast onset, anesthetizing effects in just 30 seconds, allowing treatment to begin quickly
  • 20-minute duration, returns patients to normal sensitivity in about 20 minutes, so they can resume normal activity quickly
  • High maximum dosage, up to 5 cartridges per appointment 
  • Site-specific, so multiple areas of the mouth can be treated in one visit, enabling full-mouth procedures

* Note:  There are possible risks associated with the use of Oraqix, which are described in the Package Insert.  These risks should be reviewed prior to using Oraqix.